Located in the only Seaboard Air Line Railroad Queen Anne Victorian Train station in North Carolina; built in 1900 the Hamlet Historic Depot is the center attraction of the Hamlet Depot & Museums Complex. It also serves as an active Amtrak passenger train station for the famous Silver Star New York City to Miami service. It's frequently referred to as the most photographed historic train station in the Eastern, United States by various publications and news sources. And it's on the National Register of Historic Places as a Seaboard Air Line Railroad Passenger Depot.

The Hamlet Historic Depot's rich railroad history dates back to 1900 which also includes the heydays of passenger train travel when it was known as the Hub of the Seaboard. Throughout our interactive exhibits and displays in the Depot you can explore the remarkable history of the Seaboard Air Line and Seaboard Coast Line Railroads in Hamlet in the Depot. One of our most popular attractions is our model train exhibit which perfectly replicates life in Hamlet as a Seaboard Railroad town as it was during the early 1950s.

The Hamlet Depot & Museum complex also includes our Tornado building which is home to the only existing full size handcrafted replica of the Tornado Steam Locomotive. Additionally, the Tornado Building also features other captivating displays including our one of a kind Silver Meteor Exhibit and Vintage automobiles. Then, located in the Hamlet Visitor's Center is our Hamlet, NC museum where you can explore the city's vibrant history."
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